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Tom Hardy has been appeared as the villain in the movie named as Bane. Bane is loved and admired not only for his acting in the movie but for his trendy attires throughout the film as well. The Dark Knight Rises bane leather coat is one of the dresses that he has worn in the movie. In USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Ashburn, New York, London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Toronto, Paris, Washington, Vancouver, Houston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dublin, Atlanta, Sydney, Milan, San Diego, Seattle, Freehold Township, Budapest, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Orlando, Austin, Melbourne, Jaipur, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Kuala Lumpur, Roseville, Denver, Bengaluru, Miami, Portland, Vienna, Barcelona, Patna, Rome, Stockholm, Minneapolis, Sloatsburg, Nashville


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